Project 46’s Latest Releases // Be sure to listen here

1c5783803596e5d1d5d20792995d629dSince Project 46 released Karma Fields debut on Monstercat, the hype has hardly subsided. There have been other releases in the meantime that brought attention to Project 46, however when Monstercat premieres a new anonymous entity with a track as brilliant as “Build The Cities,” people definitely pay attention. Project 46 had been teasing about a return to Monstercat via Twitter and Facebook. Fans discovered what was going on- Project 46 was returning to remix “Build The Cities”. Everyone was hyped to hear the remix and thrilled with the outcome. Listen to the remix below and be apart of the hype surrounding the talented duo of Project 46.

In other news surrounding Project 46; they are proud to announce their partnership with Zoedic EDM 2015 playlist on Spotify. Project 46 loved their list so much that they made an exclusive track for them. Be sure to listen to Build the Cities remix and Zoedic track below! Make sure to check out Project 46 at Mission Club NYC (a.k.a. Suite 36), located on 16 West 36th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues), on Saturday, May 9th at 11PM for an epic night of music. Grab your tickets now before they are sold out: CLICK HERE TO BUY!