Kaskade shares brand new track that he played at EDC Las Vegas// Listen here

KASKADE2014Kaskade familiarized himself with the rapidly changing electronic music scene wherever he went, eventually finding that house music was the sub-genre he loved best.

This past weekend, Kaskade made the most out of his main stage set at EDC Las Vegas by testing out a new track on the masses. Those who missed out can listen to the live rip below.

About halfway into his performance atop the kineticFIELD stage, he introduces “Disarm You,” to audiences for the first time, ushering in snares and elevated chord progressions that carry singer Ilsey’s vocals to a euphoric high. Little is known of the Californian singer-songwriter, though she was featured in Robin Schulz’s melodic hit, “Headlights,” previous to her work with Kaskade.

“Disarm You” was just one of many tracks to receive massive fanfare during Kaskade’s main stage romp. His tracklist (which he posted on Facebook) consisted heavily of his own music, including festival staples such as “Never Sleep Alone,” “Last Chance” and “We Don’t Stop,” along with some mash-ups and his ever-contentious remix of Jack Ü’s Justin Bieber collaboration “Where Are Ü Now.”

In addition to his main stage appearance, he also performed a sunrise Redux set that same night. Check out his track, “Disarm You”, below.