The Sonic Bed provides a full body psychedelic musical experience that you won’t want to miss out on!

dancing_girls-1280x800What could be more exciting than a full body psychedelic musical experience?!

Sound artist Kaffe Matthews has been experimenting with different electro-acoustic material for over two decades in an attempt to explore new ideas of musical perception. One of her more interesting conceptions is the Sonic Bed. Part of the Music For Bodies collaborative research project, it’s a large, wooden structure with high fidelity speakers embedded into the framework. Almost like an isolation tank set to a backdrop of psychedelic soundscapes, it provides a meditative space where two listeners can interact with sound as a full-body experience.

SBMarfaSonic Bed is also an instrument, to be played by anyone who is interested, to make pieces for it using the specially developed software interface, built by and being developed in collaboration with David Muth. This interface enables the maker to draw and record sounds through the 12 channel sound system hidden under the mattress while lying in it. 12 independent sources of sound can be playing and moving independently at any one time simultaneously while lying in the bed.

Created by Matthews as a museum exhibit (no plans for retail as of yet), the bed requires 220 volts of electricity and covers every inch of your body in sound. Throw in a flat-panel TV and you will never leave bed again.

Click below for details on the construction of the Sonic Bed. Don’t miss out on this psychedelic musical experience!