Electric Zoo’s Epic Transformation: The Sunday Electric Zoo Curse is Finally Lifted!

Over the years, Electric Zoo Festival, one of the biggest EDM festivals based out of New York, has earned itself a bad reputation for having cancel Sundays due to extreme weather conditions and drug related incidents. As a matter of fact, many attendees this year were skeptical about going on Sunday since it has been cancelled for the past two (2) consecutive years. All the superstitious-skeptics even started to make believe that Electric Zoo Festival’s Sunday was cursed forever.

EZOO 15 Day 1-11

Well… my raver bunnies and bros, Electric Zoo Festival made a statement this year with a new theme, “Tranformed,” and a main stage influenced by the Phoenix Bird which symbolized and promoted themes around REBIRTH and REINCARNATION. Electric Zoo Festival wanted to make a subconscious effort to tell its fans that this is the year they are turning a new page and leaving the past behind… and that is exactly what they did!

EZOO 15 Day 1-1Those who attended Electric Zoo Festival: Transformed this year were blown away with “all-new production, crowd control, festival grounds carefully arranged in attendees favor and flooded by performers and art; Awakenings and blessings from the techno gods, VIP lounges,” hosted by ECL Events and AIM Hospitality Group, “fit for even New York City’s most daring partiers, fireworks that could’ve woken up neighbors all the way in New Jersey, and not to mention a f*cking massive Main Stage that will now be put in the conversation with the Ultras and Tomorrowlands of the world,” according to our friends at Dancing Astronaut.

Ravers from all over the world united to represent their respective homeland.

EZOO 15 Day 2-103

New York City’s biggest spenders joined in on the action inside the VIP Skyloft hosted by ECL Events and AIM Hospitality Group.

EZOO 15 Day 1-8

Even Instagram King, Dan Bilzerian, attended and partied with a 100 babes inside the Skyloft VIP Tables.


EZOO 15 Day 2-125

Water gun fights erupted inside of the Skyloft VIP table section.

EZOO 15 Day 2-26